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Graded Head Gaskets



Oil Seals

Technical Information

AA001 AAG Permaseal Warranty
Important Warranty Information
AA002 Torque One Technology
Single torque gaskets - fact, or fantasy?.....
AA003 Cleanliness
Effects of debris on sealing components....
AA005 Graded Head Gaskets
The whys and wherefores....
AA006 Torque To Yield Head Bolts
Don't reuse, REPLACE!
AA007 Localised Hotspots
How they happen...
AA008 Cooling Systems
Overheating - a sure-fire engine killer!.......
AA009 Antifreeze
What concentration is required?...
AA010 Overheating and Hardness
More on this very important subject....
AA011 Oil Seals
All about seals....
AA012 Cylinder Head Shims
A bit about them.....
AA013 Torque Wrenches
Keep it calibrated.....
AA014 Chemical Sealants
Make sure it's compatible......
AA015 My Head Gasket Doesn't Stick
Why doesn't my head gasket stick?.....
AA016 Silicone Beading
Why's it there?...What's it do?....
AA017 Cleaning Bolt Threads
Don't use standard engineering taps....
AA018 Insufficient Clamping Load
Failure Diagnosis
AA019 Abnormal Combustion
Failure Diagnosis
AA020 Foreign Debris
Failure Diagnosis
AA021 Combustion Tracking.pdf
Failure Diagnosis
AA022 Is This Head Gasket Upside Down
Which way should it go?
AA023 Gasket Orientation
Up, Down, Right, Left ?
AA024 Reusable Components
Not all parts require replacing
AA102 Gasket Torque Q3 2022
Gasket Torque Q3 2022
AA103 Gasket Torque Q1 2023
Gasket Torque Q1 2023
AA104 Gasket Torque Q2 2023
Gasket Torque Q2 2023
AA105 Gasket Torque Q3 2023
Gasket Torque Q3 2023
Ford BR520 or BR522
Head gasket differences....
Holden 5.0L Rubber Rocker Cover Gaskets
Why rubber gaskets don't fit on VL -VR
Holden Gen III V8 Valve Stem Seals
How to tell the difference between 1MA & 2MA Valve Stem Seals
Holden V6 Head Gaskets
Which way do they go?....
Holden V6 Inlet Manifold Gaskets
Changes explained....
Mitsubishi 6G72 Head Gaskets
Improved performance gasket
Nissan SR20 Head Gaskets
Which one to use?....
Toyota 4A-LC Rocker Covers
Australian or Import?.....