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Technical Information

AAG Permaseal Warranty
Important Warranty Information
Before Your Head Goes On The Block
Read this before installation
Combustion Gas and Head Gasket Destruction
Issues to be aware of...
Coolant Can KILL Your Engine
Are you really protecting your engine ??...
Crankshaft Seals and Sealing Surface Wear
Problems leading to oil seal failure....
Effects of Heat on Aluminium Cylinder Heads
Can your head be re-used?...
Engine Destruction Caused by Detonation
Detonation.... the facts!
Graded Head Gaskets
Why are there different thickness head gaskets?
Today's Head & Block Surface Finishes
Tighter tolerances making the job more difficult.....
Torque One Technology
Single torque gaskets - fact, or fantasy?.....
Torque One Technology
Why don't I have to retorque?