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Cars in the Cloud II 01 November 2020

The aftermarket’s first-ever virtual trade show is back. 

Join us on 26 November for keynotes, tech talks 

and video chat with industry leaders!

What's new? 
Video chat, tech talks and more keynotes & technical training!

Talk shop with tech experts and bright business minds, with over 
20 hours of live content and video chat with the people behind 
leading aftermarket brands.

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Permaseal Gasket Torque Vol. 25 03 July 2020
Did you know? Permaseal will be part of Australia & New Zealand’s first ever virtual showcase!

Download Gasket Torque to find out more!

Permaseal Gasket Torque Vol. 24 21 May 2020

We hope you are all doing well during this time and continue to stay safe.

To view our latest product listing please download our latest volume of Gasket Torque below. 

Permaseal Gasket Torque Vol. 23 03 March 2020

Check out this month's volume of Gasket Torque to find our latest product listings!

Interested in Autocare 2020? We'll be there! Permaseal will be exhibiting at this years convention and trade show. Read to the end of Gasket Torque for more info!

Permaseal Gasket Torque Vol. 22 06 February 2020

Need some technical information? Head on over to our technical page to find brochures on parts 
we have to offer and check out this month's Gasket Torque to view our latest product listings!

Permaseal Gasket Torque Vol. 21 08 January 2020

Happy New Year! We hope you had safe and wonderful break.

Here's our first volume of Gasket Torque for 2020! 
Download to find out about our Vimeo account and view our latest product listings.

Permaseal Gasket Torque Vol. 20 10 December 2019

The year is coming to end and here's the last volume of Gasket Torque for 2019!
Have a lovely and safe Christmas break! See you in the New Year! 

Permaseal Gasket Torque Vol. 19 08 November 2019

Looking for the correct technical information? Find TecTips right here on our website! 
View this volume of Gasket Torque to learn how!

Permaseal Gasket Torque Vol. 18 15 October 2019

Did you know Permaseal offers a wide variety of material packs?
Check out the latest Gasket Torque volume for more details!

Permaseal Gasket Torque Vol. 17 03 August 2019

Want to know how to identify graded head gaskets? Find out in this month's Gasket Torque bulletin!

Permaseal Gasket Torque Vol. 16 07 July 2019

See our product update listing in this volume of Gasket Torque!

Permaseal Gasket Torque Vol. 15 12 June 2019

We have a selection of automatic transmission gaskets available, 
as well as new head bolt sets and tips on cylinder head bolts in our latest 
volume of Gasket Torque!

Download Gasket Torque

Permaseal Gasket Torque Vol. 14 09 May 2019

Permaseal have a selection of universal fit exhaust flange gaskets.
View this volume to see more product details on the exhaust flange gaskets
and product update listing.

Permaseal Gasket Torque Vol. 13 03 April 2019

Range, Confidence, Expertise
The Permaseal Professionals Promise embodies everything we do.

Read this volume to find out more.

Permaseal Gasket Torque Vol. 12 14 March 2019

Did you know? Rocker Cover Kits are now available for Toyota Hilux
The kits include the rocker cover gasket, inner rocker cover seal and more!

Check our latest Gasket Torque volume and find out what else is now available. 

Permaseal Gasket Torque Vol. 11 17 February 2019

We haven't updated in a while and this is our first volume of the new year.
Check out this Gasket Torque to view what's now available!

Download Gasket Torque