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About AA Gaskets

AA Gaskets Pty Ltd is a wholly Australian owned, specialist automotive gasket manufacturer, producing high quality automotive gaskets at Campbellfield, Australia.

The impressive success, achieved since its inception in 1954, has built on an uncompromising commitment to:

  • Employing a highly trained and flexible workforce
  • Utilising state of the art gasket manufacturing equipment
  • Using the highest quality gasketing materials
  • Providing value by offering high quality automotive gaskets at competitive prices
  • Serving the automotive and industrial industries by providing the most comprehensive gasket range
  • Providing fast, accurate and complete delivery
  • Maintaining a superior level of technical excellence

Operational Overview

Employing highly trained staff, the company has in place many specialised machines, including high capacity, computerised presses, guillotines, material manufacturing machines and packaging equipment. Many of these machines are fully automatic, enabling minimum labour costs, long production runs, and high productivity levels. This gives AA Gaskets the opportunity to produce consistently high quality gaskets at world-competitive prices.

Gasket materials are identified at the design stage, and are sourced from the world's leading material manufacturers. Only the best quality materials are procured, and our production planning operations ensure that maximum utilisation takes place, with an absolute minimum of waste material.

All of the processes involved in the manufacture of our high quality automotive gaskets, are controlled by our Internal Quality Management System. Continual improvement and up-dating on this system occurs as we implement the necessary controls required for production levels to meet worldwide demand.


In an age of sophisticated engine technology, involving the utilisation of light-weight, heat resistant, and high strength materials, the design phase of automotive gasket development is critical.

Through its in-house design team, its strong interaction with other leading international automotive gasket manufacturers, and on-going research activities with major Australian technical institutions, AA Gaskets keeps abreast of, and incorporates, future developments in these areas.

This enables AA Gaskets to provide its customers with the most up-to-date design for all engine types and models. These activities are vital, as engine design becomes increasingly complex and manufacturers move inextricably towards global engine supply.


A fully integrated, commercial and manufacturing computer system enables AA Gaskets to meet customer delivery expectations every time.

Raw material availability, stock levels and thousands of part numbers are constantly monitored to ensure smooth production runs and reliable supply.

Comprehensive toolmaking facilities and secure materials supply ensure a rapid response to customer's requirements for new or custom gasket sets.